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Already twice a stunning funeral procession drove through the Netherlands.
Even the biggest cynic will get goosebumps while watching it on TV.
Our day of national mourning has become a worldwide statement.
Dutch people want to show that we stand shoulder to shoulder with relatives and friends  of the passengers who were on disaster flight MH17 from Malaysian airlines.

Although I have reservations about massive, and usually unison sounding expressions of mourning and grief, I can’t deny the power of the statement that was made. However, I dare to make a side note.

It’s all so easy to say: “we stand shoulder to shoulder”. But what does that mean? Shoulder to shoulder? Is it said to show a kind of solidarity? If so, I fear the beautiful words of now will turn out to be hollow vessels.
What does it mean to really stand shoulder to shoulder with the friends and relatives of the innocent victims? For instance, what will be necessary to punish Russia for its moral responsibility for this disaster? Will we accept a personal financial impact?
Just see how we recently started to treat elderly people in Holland and you’ll understand why I am not very optimistic about it.

How will our Government treat companies such as the producer of the rocketsystem, which seems to has knocked down MH17? Will they stop offering financial hospitality which is only ment to avoid taxpaying? Will our Government increase the moral standard?

If we really stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have lost one or more beloved ones, we will make sure that this tragedy will never be subordinate to our trade (read financial) interests.

There will be more breathtaking funeral processions driving through our country.
Not every victim is back home yet.

In silence I make a deep bow for the grief of those who suffer by the loss of their beloved one(s).



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